Air Conditioning

The Daikin Round Flow Cassette

The unique ceiling mounted cassette that saves energy and creates a more comfortable environment.

A unique and attractive ‘Round flow’ R-410A ceiling mounted cassette with a 360O radial airflow pattern by Daikin Europe N.V. The new round flow cassette is available in thin body FCQ-C and high COP FCQH variants for integration with Sky Air systems and thin body FXFQ-P for use with VRV systems.

High year round comfort stems from the round flow cassette’s many new features, which include improved and uniform airflow and temperature distribution, lower air velocities and less draughts as a result of increased horizontal airflows. Reduced temperature differentials across the conditioned space improve the thermal comfort index and considerable energy savings with COPs among the highest in the industry. Improved control for Sky Air compatible models stems from the incorporation of a humidity sensor and these models also offer standard connection to the DIII net without the need for an adaptor.

Designed for use in all forms and sizes of commercial office, retail, restaurant, hotel and other applications, the round flow cassette is available in an extensive range of sizes – FCQ-C in 7 models (35 to 140 sizes), FCHQ in 4 models (71 to 140 sizes) and FXFQ-P in 9 models (20 to 125 sizes). A wide selection of airflow patterns is also possible – 360° all round flow as stated but the use of closure kits also enables 4 way, 3 way and 2 way flow patterns to be achieved.

Attractively finished in elegant ‘fresh white’ (RAL 9010) as standard and featuring a new and stylish front panel, the unit has great aesthetic appeal and will match any style of ceiling up to 4.5m high and also protect them from unsightly mould staining.

Installation and maintenance procedures are simplified by the light weight of the units – the Sky Air FCQ-35C model for example, weighs a mere 19kg and thin body Sky Air units have a depth of just 214mm, making them ideal for installation in shallow false ceilings. Easier drain pan maintenance can be achieved without removal of the decorative panel and condensate draining can also been viewed via the clearly visible drain socket.


Short video of Round Flow Cassette in operation…

Feature Overview

  • 360° air discharge ensures uniform air flow and temperature distribution
  • Air discharge from the corners avoids dead zones that may be subject to temperature differences
  • Modern style decoration panel is available in 2 different variations: white (RAL9010) with grey louvers and full white (RAL9010) including white louvers
  • Energy efficient: up to class A energy labels
  • Home leave operation saves energy during absence
  • Fresh air intake: up to 20 %
  • Comfortable horizontal air discharge ensures draughtfree operation and prevents ceiling soiling
  • 23 different air flow patterns possible
  • Drain-up pump with 850mm lift fitted as standard