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The Daikin 3 Pipe VRV With Altherma

This exciting development is so new the full specification is not available until later in the year.

In essence the system works as follows: we supply and install the very latest 3 pipe Daikin VRV system giving simultaneous heating and cooling to any area of the building.

The heat normally rejected wastefully to atmosphere is captured by the Daikin Altherma air to water heat pump to provide the customer with FREE HOT WATER for washing or heating.
When the unit is in cooling mode and hot water is needed the system treats the built in Altherma as another emitter and produces hot water at an efficiency far greater than gas, oil or electrical forms of heating.




Daikin’s pioneering VRV® climate control technology for commercial buildings continues to evolve in installation ease and increased efficiency. This was underscored in the announcement by Daikin Europe N.V. of new and upgraded models boasting higher COP/EER values for both the VRV® III heat pump and heat recovery ranges. The new models also boast automatic charging and testing of the refrigerant, saving time and ensuring an optimum refrigerant charge for best performance.

Heat pump range

Efficiency has been increased in the heat pump range with a redesigned small-footprint 8 HP model RXYQ8P8, with a COP of 4.50 (+5,4%) and EER of 4.29 (+6.5%) and the addition of a high-COP 12 HP model RXYHQ12P8, with a COP of 4.37 (+10%) and an EER of 3.89(+12%). Combinations of existing small-footprint models and the upgraded 8 HP model allow energy efficiency improvements in variety of configurations. Efficiency in the high-COP range also benefits from the inclusion where possible of new 12 HP high-COP model.

Heat recovery range

VRV® heat recovery models also benefit from the high-COP upgrade, resulting in an extended range that presents the best efficiencies currently available on the market. It is the first time that Daikin introduces a high-COP heat recovery range next to a small footprint modular range. Upgraded 8 HP REYQ8P9 with a COP of 4.31 (+5%) in cooling mode, and 4.38 (+2%) in heating mode and 12 HP REYQ12P9 with a COP of 3.84 (+4%) in cooling mode and 4.24 (+1%) in heating mode units are available for stand-alone models. Modular VRV® models benefit from the presence of an upgraded 8 HP model (REMQ8P9) and a new high-COP 12 HP model (REMHQ12P8).

Continuous heating

Combination systems using heat recovery models also boast continuous heating during defrost and oil return cycles. Only one outdoor coil at a time is defrosted, allowing the other units to continue to provide (reduced) heating capacity to the entire system, resulting in a higher integrated heating capacity and a significant increase in user comfort.

Year-round cooling

The VRV® III heat recovery models also feature a year-round cooling option (so-called technical cooling), allowing cooling even at ambient outdoor temperatures down to -20º C. Technical cooling supports piping lengths to 165 m, or 1,000 m in total. The technical cooling option is configurable in the field on the outdoor unit. Quick changeover from cooling/heating is also possible and the ability to control each zone separately – heating or cooling only those rooms where it is needed – limits operating costs to a minimum.

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