Air Source Heat Pumps

Daikin Altherma Air To Water Monobloc Heat Pump

This new system offers the Daikin Altherma and Hydrobox as a one off package situated in the garden/outside connected to the house by water pipes

In addition to Daikin Altherma outdoor and indoor unit systems, Daikin has introduced a monobloc version in which all hydraulic parts are located within the outdoor unit.

In this system the water pipes, rather than refrigerant lines, run indoors from the outdoor unit, making installation much quicker and easier for the domestic installer.

The Daikin Altherma monobloc is available in different versions:
– Heating only or heating and cooling
– With or without bottom plate heater
– Single phase or three phase
– 11kW, 14kW or 16kW

This reversible air/water heat pump contains an inverter controlled compressor. The inverter system constantly maintains the ambient temperature, which results in an energy consumption of 30% compared to a traditional on/off system.


How do we reach 168%?
We compared the primary energy consumption, to come to a cumulated efficiency
= Efficiency of electricity generation (0,42) x COP of heat pumps (4)

The Monobloc Daikin Altherma retains all the plus features of the standard system. Energy efficiency for example, is extremely high with up to 5kW of heating output for every 1kW of electric input (COP of around 5.0).

The system is ideally suited for integration with under floor heating and LTHW radiators and can be configured for cooling as well as heating by the addition of fan coil units. It also supports the full range of modern domestic hot water boilers and can be interfaced with third party solar panels for increased efficiency in domestic hot water production.


Less CO2 emissions

You can personally contribute to a better environment as Daikin Altherma emits no direct CO2 . The pump needs power but even without access to renewable electricity, the Daikin Altherma system emits far less CO2 than fossil fuel boilers.


Environmentally sound graph-2.

Graph adv Orange. Altherma™
Graph adv Beige. Gas Boiler
Graph adv Brown. Fuel Boiler