Case studies

Case Study 2: Chapel Conversion, Stokesby, Norfolk

The available space in any house build project is ultimately important to the layout and design of the living areas. For the Chapel conversion project in Stokesby the design of the heating and hot water system was to become a primary factor in maximising living space both inside and outside the property.
Altherma from Daikin was chosen because it provided the best solution which met the needs of the project.

The old Methodist Chapel was located on a relatively small plot in a prime location in Stokesby, Norfolk.

The property was turned into a stunning two bedroom house. The ground floor would contain the kitchen, dining, study and the two ensuite bedrooms, while the first floor would have a large living room and mezzanine area.

There were many building challenges to overcome, not least on how to maximise the living space in the 150m2 plot. They were also very keen to differentiate the house from other properties in the area and although the property had many unique features, a renewable energy efficient solution for the heating and hot water system would give the property added value when going to market. There was no gas main in the village and the property had insufficient room in the garden to locate an LPG tank.The solution for heating and hot water was to be a key factor in the overall design and layout for the old chapel house.
The Daikin Altherma heat pump system in conjunction with underfloor heating on both floors was recommended as the best solution for this project to ensure that the specification requirements were met.
The main features of this solution are:
• The 7 kW Daikin Altherma system is compact and would not take up valuable space inside or outside the house.
• The outside wall at the side of the house could easily accommodate the Daikin Altherma outdoor unit.• Inside the house, the Daikin Altherma hydrobox and water cylinder could be conveniently installed inside a cupboard in the largest bedrooms.

• The underfloor heating system allowed more efficient use of space in the living areas in comparison to wall
mounted radiators being used

• The design of living areas could be optimised.

• Given that underfloor heating is the most energy efficient type of heat emitter, the combined solution
with Daikin Altherma will provide year round heating with an average CoP (measure of efficiency) of between 3-4.

• Daikin Altherma provides a total solution and there is no need for additional back up heating.

• The cost of installing Daikin Altherma and the underfloor system was comparable to carrying out an oil or LPG
equivalent for this project.

• The estimated cost for annual heating and hot water supply was £400, which is around 50% lower than costs for similar properties running on conventional systems

• The Daikin Altherma system provided extra Marketing value to the developers, as potential buyers would be
attracted by energy costs savings compared to oil or LPG (if they had been used)

• The installation of the Daikin Altherma renewable technology provided the property with added marketing value through the positive ‘environmental credentials.

“Not only have we built a house that is well designed and optimises all the available space incorporating many unique features associated with an old chapel.
We have built a house where the owners will gain the satisfaction of knowing that they have a sustainable, energy efficient heating system, giving them lifetime cost savings of many thousands of pounds.”

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