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Airius FAQ’s

What is the Warranty?

There is a full 1 year free replacement Warranty. AIRIUS also offers an ongoing refurbish program.
Click here for Warranty information.

What if I have a failure within the Warranty  period?

There is a full Warranty for one full year from date of purchase on parts and workmanship.  If a unit
fails for any reason while under this one year period, you are asked to return the unit which will be
replaced with a new unit.

What if I have a failure beyond the Warranty  period?

If a unit fails outside the Warranty period, you may elect to purchase spare parts or replace the unit
for half of the current purchase price.

When do the savings start?

The temperature in your building will be equalized within 48 hours of installation.  As a result of the
equalized temperature you will be able to reduce the setting on your thermostat, thereby reducing
your costs immediately.

What are the running costs?

The running costs are dependent on the building layout and model selected.

How many AIRIUS systems have been sold to date?

Over 8,500 AIRIUS Thermal Equalizer systems have been sold.

Can I earn a referal fee if I introduce AIRIUS to others who install the system?

Yes!  We are very keen for happy customers to earn an attractive commission for introducing AIRIUS to
new customers.  Email us for details.

Can the windows and doors remain open?

Yes.  AIRIUS continues to operate with the windows and doors open; however, performance is
increased with them closed.

Will you arrange installation?

Yes.  We can happily arrange your installation needs.

What are the running costs per year?

AIRIUS uses very little power.  Our Model 10 uses only 13 watts, Model 15 uses only 17 watts, Model
25 uses only 35 watts.

I use air conditioning.  Can AIRIUS still help reduce my energy costs in the summer?

Yes!  In some cases AIRIUS can aid cooling and will reduce your energy costs.  We can arrange for
a survey to confirm your particular position.

What is the charge to carry out a survey of my facility?

There is no charge to survey your facility!  We offer a basic survey completely free of charge.

What if I have split level layout?

AIRIUS can equalize the internal temperature of virtually every type of internal building layout and